1) (an arrangement by which a person keeps his money in a bank: I have (opened) an account with the local bank.) račun
2) (a statement of money owing: Send me an account.) računi
3) (a description or explanation (of something that has happened): a full account of his holiday.) bančni račun
4) (an arrangement by which a person makes a regular (eg monthly) payment instead of paying at the time of buying: I have an account at Smiths.) odprt račun
5) ((usually in plural) a record of money received and spent: You must keep your accounts in order; (also adjective) an account book.) poročilo
- accountant
- account for
- on account of
- on my/his etc account
- on my/his account
- on no account
- take something into account
- take into account
- take account of something
- take account of
* * *
I [əkáunt]
commerce račun, konto; poročilo, pripovedovanje; mnenje, sodba; važnost, korist; vzrok; ocena; likvidacijski rok
balance of account — saldo
by all accounts — povsem
to bring ( —ali call) to account — poklicati na odgovor
to cast accounts — delati proračun, kalkulirati
account of charges — režijski stroški
account of costs — proizvodni stroški
current account — tekoči račun
to carry to a new account — prenesti na nov račun
drawing account — žiro račun
to give an account — poročati
to give a good account of o.s. — imeti uspeh, dobro se izkazati
the great account — sodni dan
American to hand in one's account — umreti
to leave out of account — ne upoštevati
to make an account — ceniti
to make out an account — napisati račun
of no account — nepomemben
on no account — nikakor ne
on my account — zaradi mene
on one's own account — na lastno odgovornost
on account of — zaradi
to overdraw one's account — prekoračiti svoj račun
to settle an account — poravnati račun
to settle accounts with figuratively obračunati s
of small account — nepomemben
to take into account — upoštevati
to turn into account — izkoristiti, uporabiti
square accounts — poravnani računi
on what account? — čemu?
II [əkáunt]
transitive verb & intransitive verb
ceniti, soditi; računati; smatrati; razložiti
I account him a hero — smatram ga za junaka
he accounts himself happy — ima se za srečnega
account for — obračunati; razložiti, utemeljiti; ceniti; zagovarjati; usmrtiti

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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